DYOR: Do Your Own Research.

DYOR: Do Your Own Research.

We’re excited to announce our latest product, DYOR: Do Your Own Research.

At Webacy, we've been busy building proactive solutions to protect digital asset holders, degens, and professional traders alike in their daily activities. DYOR allows you to analyze any Wallet Address, Smart Contract Address, Token Address, virtually any on-chain address across Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and of course, Solana. Just paste it in, and let us tell you if it’s safe or not.

DYOR is the latest in enhancing the SafetyScore features in our Webacy Safety Suite which includes existing tools that users know and love including Wallet Watch and Risk Score.

DYOR is also the ultimate demonstration in the upgrades of our Safety intelligence capabilities. SafetyScore initially only scored Wallets, but has now since expanded to understanding the intricacies of tokens, smart contracts, approvals, and more.

Sniping Tokens Safely

DYOR was built with the memecoin trader in mind as well. Whether you’re sniping memecoins or minting a new NFT, Webacy DYOR can scan any address for risky markers, including in the code itself. With the Photon Airdrop arriving on June 17th, users have been flipping tokens on Photon and getting “rugged” while trying to snipe tokens early. DYOR is here to change that. Before sniping a token, simply paste the token address into DYOR, and we will let you know if there is any malicious activity associated with it.

Webacy’s Mission

Webacy has always been committed to enhancing the security of everyday activity and empowering individuals to own digital assets with confidence. With the introduction of DYOR, users can keep themselves safe by scanning any address—whether it’s a Wallet Address, Smart Contract Address, Token Address, or any address at all—for malicious activity. DYOR is the ultimate, independent tool that’s not tied to any exchange or wallet that allows users to check before taking action. This is the ultimate research (and protection) tool. Currently, all users can access DYOR without a Webacy Pro plan. However, advanced features which include observing malicious actors in funds flowing through wallets or smart contracts, or a deeper analysis of the address components, will require a Webacy Pro account.

Let's Work Together

DYOR is the ultimate demonstration of the power of Webacy’s EmbeddedSafety APIs. The same safety triggers and flags that DYOR uncovers can be brought into any dApp. Webacy is integrating its APIs into routine interactions within the Web3 landscape, by partnering with key dApps like Mintify, Lamas, Solsniffer, Unstoppable Domains, Mask Network, TaskOn, and many, many more. 

For companies invested in safeguarding their decentralized applications (dApps) or websites within the Web3 sphere, Webacy's APIs offer a reliable solution. By integrating EmbeddedSafety APIs, businesses can ensure the safety of their users by scanning any address or transaction for malicious activity. These safety reports can be exposed to the end user or used internally by teams to block or restrict bad actors, or to remove malicious tokens from a DEX, for example. 

Webacy's risk analysis tools fortify platforms against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, thereby prioritizing user safety and trust. We want the entire Web3 ecosystem to be protected by Webacy.

This Summer, DYOR.