Introducing Safety Suite by Webacy: a Safer Web3 for All

Introducing Safety Suite by Webacy: a Safer Web3 for All

It is with great excitement that I’m able to share with you the launch of our new Safety Suite by Webacy.

As a refresher, Webacy is a Wallet Protector. Webacy utilizes smart contract technology to offer services like our Panic Button, Backup Wallet, Crypto Will, and more. We are a completely non-custodial and key-less solution. Where other products like hardware wallets and multi-sig solutions protect access and keys, we help you recover assets when access is lost, and move assets to safe places when and where you need it. You always hold the keys to your safety, and Webacy is the helping hand.

This new Safety Suite builds on our alpha product in a true Beta release. You can protect an unlimited amount of wallets at the same time. In addition to our flagship Backup Wallet and Panic Button services, the Crypto Will is now fully operational (Dead Man Switch, Beneficiaries can claim). We’ve leveraged subgraph technology to make things work faster and more efficiently. We are maintaining our decentralized philosophy even down to the way we help you manage your membership with our service (you sign your own membership smart contract). We are constantly innovating and are excited about our next products in the pipeline, which includes wallet notifications, real-time monitoring, and more. Soon, you may even see Webacy embedded in other products.

Some people ask, why a Will? We want to help you protect your assets for life. The Panic Button and Backup wallet use the same technology and apply in current, day to day needs. Helping you protect your assets for the long-haul is also part of our mission, hence the Crypto Will.

Today we launch with 1,000 Grimmie holders (our access pass), and over 15,000 Season Pass members. We are partnered with Quantum Keys, 247 Studio, Metaverse HQ, ZenAcademy 333, gmDAO, Tokenproof Founder’s Circle, Supducks, and finally, Origins. We chose to launch with token projects and companies because it seemed natural to provide our product to those already immersed in the digital asset space, and who understand the value of these digital assets. We are fully compatible with all ERC tokens - which means anyone with crypto, including those in the DeFi world, can also now use Webacy. Support for other chains are coming very soon.

There is so much more to come in the World of Webacy. When we started this journey only a year ago, we didn’t expect the sheer volume of people that have signed up via our waitlist and through our partners. We can’t wait to create this safer Web3 for all. Stay tuned!

Maika Isogawa

CEO, Webacy