New Year’s Resolutions are Dead, Long Live New Year’s Resolutions!

New Year’s Resolutions are Dead, Long Live New Year’s Resolutions!

As we all know, every year on the first of January, people all around the world set expectations and hopes for themselves for the year to come. These New Year’s Resolutions often become the foundation of our mindsets throughout the year, providing a standard to measure our success against.

With 2022 quickly approaching, the thought of what New Year’s Resolutions to make this year is coming to the surface for many of us. To find joy and success over the next year, we wanted to share some of our thoughts around some unique resolutions – namely, ones that will help you to plan your future and build long-lasting positive habits.

At Webacy, we’ve had an incredible year, and we’re even more excited for 2022. We wanted to share how our year went, what we learned from it – and to share some resolutions that we know we’ll be keeping as a result. Keep reading to learn about 4 fantastic resolutions you can apply in your own life!

A Year in Review: Building Webacy from the Ground Up

In August of 2021, our talented co-founding team at Webacy was formed, marking the beginning of a grand new adventure.

With a mission of helping all people to manage their digital lives after death, we created an online platform and products designed for managing your  social media, crypto assets, and more. By joining Webacy, our platform users can decide what to do with their digital footprint once they die, including:

  • Determining an Inner Circle of “beneficiaries”
  • Linking and proving ownership of public social media accounts
  • Leaving messages behind to be posted on social media and other online platforms, including leaving messages directly to your loved ones
  • Archiving their photos and files to be shared upon their death – we call this your “Shoebox”

After raising an early round in Q4, we moved on to launch our proof-of-concept for Webacy in November. Now, at long last and after months of hard work, we are working with a great group of early adopter users to fine-tune the product before its official release.

The public launch of Webacy is scheduled for early 2022, which will eventually include access to our Crypto product that allows you to manage the distribution of your cryptocurrencies after death.

4 Unique Types of New Year’s Resolutions, Powered by Webacy

Below, we have detailed 4 essential New Year’s Resolutions to embrace in 2022. From practicing better self-care to focusing on your inner circle, these resolutions will help you to live a more joy-filled and healthy life in 2022 and beyond:

1. Practice Consistent Self-Care Habits

One of the best resolutions you can make for yourself in the New Year is not setting one major goal or objective, but rather committing yourself to practice daily self-care.

Micro meditation, for instance, is a great and convenient way to realign your mind and body at the beginning of the day. This shortened version of meditation only takes around 5 minutes of your time, but can result in vast improvements in your stress and gratitude levels.

To help build these kinds of habits into your daily routine, and to realize how fortunate many of us are to be healthy and to be able to be focused on self-care - we recommend using the Webacy Chrome plugin. With this plugin, you are given motivational quotes each day to remind you to live in the moment and seize the day!

2. Plan the Future of Your Assets

Help yourself feel more secure in the years to come by setting a resolution to thoroughly plan the future of your wealth, assets, and more.

To start this process, you must first choose your ideal platform for building a will and determining beneficiaries. Trusted platforms within this industry include LegalZoom, FreeWill, or Trust &Will. These platforms will help you to create and manage a living will, providing you with peace of mind knowing your assets are secured even after your death.

However, these platforms only manage the physical aspects of your life, like bank accounts or property. Once Webacy has launched, take your future planning a step further and sign up to create a will for your digital assets as well.

3. Tighten Your Inner Circle

As each of us gets older and more mature, our inner circle often tightens more and more.

To feel a greater sense of peace and security in the coming year, we highly encourage you to focus on this inner circle by asking yourself who in your life you care for the most. Who would you want to be stuck on an island with? Who is accretive and additive to your life, emotionally, and spiritually? Although each of us may have many different friendships and relationships in our lifetimes, taking the time to determine who you share the closest bonds with is essential.

Start by considering Dunbar’s Number – a psychological theory that states a person can only maintain around 150 stable relationships at once. Rather than working to expand this number or your circle, many of us should instead focus on fostering stronger connections in your existing relationships.

4. Spread the Love

The world is changing at a rapid rate, with pandemics, politics, and more causing a whole lot of stress in discontent amongst us all.

Rather than focusing on the negative, however, instead we can set a resolution to spread more love. This will mean different things for different people – maybe you’re ready to start dating and find someone special, or maybe you want to give an animal in need a loving home. It can start with something small – and can even be Covid-safe - volunteering for a service like 7 Cups could change someone’s life.

No matter what “spread the love” means to you, we can all agree that the world needs a little more love right now.

Final Thoughts: Ensure Your Digital Future with Webacy

Here at Webacy, we are delighted to be in the final stages of completing our platform and products. We plan to launch in early 2022 and hope to help as many of you as possible to create a secure future for your digital footprint and assets.

Our team at Webacy wishes you a happy and healthy New Year, and we look forward to working with you to manage your digital future in the year to come!

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