Re-Meet the Grimmies, our NFT Passes

Re-Meet the Grimmies, our NFT Passes

Meet the Grimmies, the elite guardians standing strong against crypto hacks and the shadows of malicious activity in the Web3 universe. Grimmies are a project powered by Webacy - but what should you know about them? 

Over the last few months, Grimmies have channeled their energy into safeguarding wallets and NFTs across the Web3 ecosystem, with new holders joining us every day. With a 3,263% rise in trading volume and thousands of new users in the Webacy World, it’s clear that we need a little refresher.


Grimmies sold out in late 2022. As an adopted (resold) or original Grimmie owner, you're bestowed with six months of complimentary access to Webacy's suite of security tools that you need to request through an exclusive portal (see more below under “Claim Access”) empowering you to navigate the Web3 landscape with confidence. But that's not all – Grimmie owners also gain entry into our exclusive Discord channel, where you'll find a community of privacy and security experts, early glimpses into cutting-edge security and product alpha releases, a leaderboard multiplier, and a perpetual invitation to explore what the Webacy universe has to offer.

Grimmies Leaderboard Multiplier

Ownership of a Grimmie may also grant you access to future multipliers for the Webacy Leaderboard or additional rewards. Rumor has it that Season 2 of the Webacy Leaderboard, dubbed “It’s a Safe World After All,” is kicking off sometime in Q1. Going forward, Grimmie owners may be publicly recognized on the leaderboard if you are ranked in the top 100. If you sell, trade, or otherwise no longer have your Grimmie, you will lose the benefits associated with owning one. You can still use Webacy for free (starter plan), however you will no longer have access to Webacy Pro features, the Discord #holders-only channel, or any other associated perks.


There is a lot on the roadmap for 2024. Some say that it is truly a Safe World within the Webacy World. If you’re a Grimmie holder, keep your eyes on our X account and make sure to turn on notifications for both @mywebacy and @GrimmiesNFT accounts. There are many exciting things planned for Webacy that Grimmies holders will have first access to be a part of.

Claim Access

Once you own a Grimmie you unlock access to our exclusive Discord channel. Within the #holders-only channel you will find an portal to verify ownership and request your Webacy Pro credit. Upon completion of the portal form, you will receive a one-time use key for six months free to Webacy Pro.

It truly is a Safe World after all,