Safeguarding RWAs: Essential Safety Systems for the Future of Digital Assets

Safeguarding RWAs: Essential Safety Systems for the Future of Digital Assets

Blockchain is growing. ETFs are being approved, new use cases are being built (and used) on-chain, and we’re seeing the ecosystem flourish like never before. Real World Assets (RWAs) have become a hot topic of conversation, presenting a new way to engage, own, and interact with the world around us. 

EmpireDao stands out as a trailblazer in this evolving landscape, particularly through their innovative use of token-operated spaces. EmpireDao is at the forefront of integrating NFC 'chip and chain' technology with on-chain REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) structures to revolutionize the way we utilize and invest in physical spaces. Most recently, they hosted a multi-day coworking event during NFT NYC, gathering the brightest builders and operators in web3 to connect in real life, facilitated through virtual desks and golden ticket activations. By merging these cutting-edge technologies, EmpireDao empowers users to verify ownership and control access to both physical and digital environments, ensuring they manage their data and assets securely and independently.

RWAs are starting to unlock new ways to live. Whether it’s physical infrastructure, property, or access to such, these assets are going to become more critical to our everyday lives. With this rise in importance comes the need to protect these assets. 

Looking forward, RWAs are poised to fundamentally transform ownership and investment models by merging the physical with the digital. Imagine a world where everyday individuals have unprecedented access to ownership opportunities, particularly in essential infrastructure. We envision a future where RWAs are woven deeply into the fabric of everyday life, enhancing how we live, work, and interact. Imagine owning shares in iconic buildings or parts of vital infrastructure through tokenized assets. This integration will allow people to experience and influence real-world locations directly tied to their digital ownership, making practical and impactful investments. Such a future will require sophisticated safety systems to ensure that the physical value of these assets is fully protected against digital threats.

The reality is, crypto hacks are still happening on a daily basis. Particularly in self-custody, where users are in charge of their own asset management and security practices, maintaining a bulletproof safety system is a dream that many fail to achieve. In an immutable world, losing the asset means losing the utility of the asset - and with RWAs the stakes have never been higher.

At Webacy, we’re building a future that’s safer for everyone in Web3. Whether that be the individual consumer that transacts between a couple of wallets, to entire platforms and wallet infrastructure that enable exploration in the ecosystem, the Webacy Engine is humming towards a future with more freedom (enabled through secure systems).

That’s why Webacy is teaming up with EmpireDao to provide EmpireDao members with the tools they need to keep their important RWAs safe. Starting today, all EmpireDao desk holders will be able to claim free access to Webacy Pro, gaining a suite of new tools to help mitigate risk as they continue their Web3 journey. To access this benefit, DM the Webacy account

Here are a few actionable items to improve your safety on-chain:

  • Assess your Risk regularly: What open approvals do you have on your wallet? Have you had any risky behavior lately? The health of your wallet changes regularly, and keeping a pulse will help you understand which changes (if any) pose a risk to your bags.
  • Monitor your wallets: Do you know everything that goes on in and around your wallets? You should be checking regularly for any inbound, outbound, and interactive behavior that could be putting your assets at risk.
  • Create an emergency plan: If you do experience a hack, what measures do you have in place to defend against it? How will you save your assets? While we all hope we’ll never face an emergency situation, having an actionable plan in place can make a big difference. 

With Webacy you can achieve all of this and more, all from our dashboard

We’re excited to build with companies like EmpireDao that are pushing the applications of blockchain technology. The safer we feel, the more free we feel to explore, build, and innovate. 

Let’s build a better future together,