Solana Safety Day: It’s All About Your Safety (Safe-lana on Solana)

Solana Safety Day: It’s All About Your Safety (Safe-lana on Solana)

Today’s the day - a long time coming - where the Solana ecosystem gathers and talks about safety. It’s one of the most important topics, but amongst the trading, memecoins, and insanity of it all, we forget that without being safe, there is no fun. Safety can be sexy, safety can be fun, if you do it right: whether it be wallet hygiene (keeping your assets safe), or DYOR (doing some research before jumping into things), and common sense (not leaving your computer open in public places) - there’s a lot to be learned, and be reminded of, when it comes to safety.

We started this initiative to bring the right attention to products that are adopting safety habits and practices (you’ll read all about them in the tweets that are tagged #SolanaSafetyDay) - and the individuals in the Solana ecosystem that have set up systems and methods to stay safe.

You’ll also see that we’ve partnered with BoringSecurityDAO to provide the Solana Safety 101 class to everyone that comes in through our channels. Just join the Discord and mention #SolanaSafetyDay, and you’re in.

We’re excited to work with some top projects in this space to share their safety practices, and to have them as current and future Webacy partners. To name a few: Bonkbot,, Lamas Finance, Solsniffer, GoPlus, Elementerra, Team X1, Sec3, D3fenders, and many more.

Last but not least, you can be safe using the ultimate safety suite of products with Webacy on Solana, which we've just released to the public. You can check your wallet’s health with the Solana Safety Score, and you can set up notifications for your Solana wallet with Solana Wallet Watch.

Stay safe out there and shitcoin safely.

Happy Solana Safety Day,


CEO @ Webacy