Solsniffer Levels Up with Webacy Safety Score

Solsniffer Levels Up with Webacy Safety Score

Smart projects are building with security in mind and Solsniffer is leading the way. Today the Solsniffer’s integration with Webacy EmbeddedSafety™ is LIVE - bringing new value and additional tools to all users.

While we just announced Solana support, Solsniffer was quick to act, a sentiment to their commitment to security on blockchain. Now every connecting wallet on the Solsniffer platform is scanned by Webacy’s proprietary APIs to assess active risk on the user’s wallet.

Solsniffer users will have a better understanding of the health of their wallet, and can take action to improve the safety of their assets.

Embedded Safety

Webacy has always been about enabling safety for your digital assets and ultimately enabling digital freedom. The same tools built into Webacy Consumer are available in API’s as part of our EmbeddedSafety™ offering. This brings Webacy safety into daily dApps that you’re using. To feel safe is to enable digital freedom in as many places as possible. That’s why we continue to build and innovate here at Webacy.

If you’d like to bring powerful security tools to your platform, contact us. 

Let’s be safer together.