Webacy Enables Crypto Subscription Payments with Loop

Webacy Enables Crypto Subscription Payments with Loop

As crypto adoption, DeFi, trading, and self-custody solutions continue to grow, individuals and organizations must prioritize protecting their digital assets from potential threats. At Webacy, we’re providing a robust security layer for self-custody with our groundbreaking services that span three core themes: Assess, Monitor, and Act. While we continue to provide Wallet Watch monitoring free for one wallet, the true power of our platform comes from the enhanced services included in Webacy Pro.

Recurring payments have been a struggle in crypto since autopay functionality had historically not existed. This meant customers needed to manually sign a transaction each time they wanted to pay in crypto. The hassle of this process resulted in companies traditionally relying on web2 payment options, like credit cards, to enable stable, recurring payments like subscription services.

Loop provided us with a new path forward. Loop enables crypto auto-pay, the ability for users to be able to automatically pay for services so they never lose access. The user maintains complete control over their allowance, controlling how much they want to allow to be withdrawn from the wallet, and when to cancel completely. This technology opens up new horizons for ways to utilize our coins. Webacy is excited to partner with Loop to provide our users more flexibility in how they access Webacy’s advanced protection features.

You can learn more about Webacy on our website, or go directly to our dapp.

You can learn more about Loop Crypto on their website and sign up to get started here.