Webacy for Solana Beta is now live.

Webacy for Solana Beta is now live.

It turns out, people hate getting rugged by memecoins. Solana was highly requested by our user base – 20,000+ beta users will join Webacy’s Solana universe from day one.

Today, we’re excited to unveil Solana on Webacy. Between fumbled presales, wild memecoins, and plentiful airdrops, there has never been a better time to launch on Solana to help users stay safe and protected.

You’ll now be able to assess the SafetyScore™ of your Solana Wallet (we support all major wallets), and set up Wallet Watch to get real time notifications for everything that’s going on in your wallet (and whether or not it’s safe or not). Have peace of mind that Webacy is monitoring your wallet and supporting your safe journey in Web3.

A Reminder of Our Mission

Webacy has always been about enabling safety for your digital assets and ultimately enabling digital freedom. If you don’t feel safe transacting and owning digital assets, you can’t freely create, build, and thrive. That’s why we continue to build, innovate, and reward here at Webacy. We’ve also taken our Safety Products to other dApps. Our SafetyScore™ is now integrated (we call it EmbeddedSafety™) into popular dApps and web3 services like Mintify, Unstoppable Domains, and more.

Solana EmbeddedSafety™ Partners

Not only do we want to provide Webacy directly to consumers, but we want consumers everywhere to be able to tap into Webacy’s powerful Safety engine. This means Webacy’s SafetyScore™ is already integrated into prominent Solana dApps: Lamas Finance and SolSniffer. Lamas Finance offers a range of decentralized application games, NFTs, and DeFi swapping options. Additionally, it now features a Webacy safety score to inform users of the security level of their wallet when connecting to Lamas.

We also announced our partnership on X with SolSniffer. It’s time to shield our users from the risks associated with memecoins. Particularly - the risk of liquidity pool rug pulls that can occur in newly created tokens - this needs to end. Thanks to our partnership, users will now have the capability to assess the risk associated with new tokens directly through the Webacy dashboard. Moreover, users accessing the SolSniffer dApp will be presented with a SafetyScore™. This alliance is just the start of our efforts to enhance user security on Solana.

Solana Users Earn Points

Starting April 4th, Solana will be accessible to everyone, unveiling Solana but also the fresh start of a new Season. To commemorate this launch, we're introducing a special 2.5x points multiplier on the Webacy Safety Leaderboard for the entire month of April for those who access Webacy with a Solana wallet. Moreover, Solana wallet holders who accumulate points will qualify for an exclusive chance to receive unique surprises directly into their wallets.

Let’s make Solana Safe-lana.