Webacy Holiday Beta Release

Webacy Holiday Beta Release

Happy holidays from the Webacy team! Since our pre-beta launch in November, we’ve been hard at work developing our platform features and preparing to open the floodgates. It was just a few months ago that we set out to build a solution to manage digital assets in our modern world - we’re one step closer to that vision. We realize that many of us have spent so much time building our digital footprint and assets over our lives, but have spent very little time figuring out what happens to these things when we’re gone.

Webacy helps you decide what to do with your entire digital footprint, choose who you’d like to handle your accounts, prove ownership of these accounts, and to leave messages behind. Soon - we’ll have our crypto feature available, and we’ll cover two of the most heavy parts of your digital world - your public accounts and your crypto assets.

Today we’re announcing our beta release - everyone who signed up for our waitlist prior to December 25th will be emailed with the access code. If you missed out, don’t fret. We have some (very, very!) exciting items on our roadmap, and more chances to get pre-public access to the platform.

We hope you’re looking forward to 2022 as much as we are.

Memento vivere,

Maika and Brian


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