Season 2: It’s a Safe World After All

Season 2: It’s a Safe World After All

It turns out, people like to get recognized for being safe in Web3. Season 1, our much-celebrated launch of our Safety Leaderboard & Points, attracted over 6.9 Million points and more than 60,000 users ranked. That’s a lot of safe behavior. 

Today, we’re excited to unveil Season 2 of the Webacy Safety Ranking & Leaderboard. We’re calling it “It’s a Safe World After All” - because, with the right tools, and in Webacy’s World, you’re safe. A lot will remain the same this season, but some things will be different. Most importantly, the safer your wallet is, the higher you will rank on a 24-hour rolling leaderboard. Season 2 recognizes the Top 100 ranked users from Season 1 with badges and other perks. If you were ultra-safe, you can see your badges on the leaderboard now.

A Reminder of Our Mission

Webacy has always been about enabling safety for your digital assets and ultimately enabling digital freedom. If you don’t feel safe transacting and owning digital assets, you can’t freely create, build, and thrive. That’s why we continue to build, innovate, and reward here at Webacy.

Measuring Safety

Rumor has it that it CAN be a safe world. The leaderboard helps us measure safety and create a safer Web3 for everyone. Our leaderboard is a direct move to create a safer web3 ecosystem. Our Safety Ranking shows your rank the moment you log into Webacy. As you use our products and transact on-chain (safely), you will begin to see movement. If you are engaged in unsafe projects or transactions, or interact with assets that have been compromised, there may be negative movement on your ranking. In general, it should show progress, and you need to stay active seasonally. Season 2 will bring multipliers and surprises that come with being a Webacy Pro member, and/or being a Grimmies holder.


To start, and to celebrate the launch of a new, fresh Season, we’ve added a 2.5x points multiplier for the first two weeks for any account actively participating. 

But, that’s not all. We’re announcing the Block Awards, an initiative that highlights the most trustworthy, safe, and best educators in the Web3 space. This group is the creme de la creme, and we will continue to celebrate the most impactful actors in our industry yearly. Know that throughout 2024, top Leaderboard users may become eligible for the Block Awards. This is just another way we’re giving back to the ecosystem to promote and encourage integrity.

It truly is a safer world after all - with Webacy World.