The Webacy Safety Ranking and Leaderboard: What and Why

The Webacy Safety Ranking and Leaderboard: What and Why
Webacy Safety Ranking and Leaderboard

We’re excited to unveil something new and exciting for the crypto ecosystem - Webacy’s Safety Ranking and Leaderboard. The safer your wallet is, the higher you will rank on a 24-hour rolling leaderboard. 

Our Mission

Webacy has always been about enabling safety for your digital assets and ultimately enabling digital freedom. If you don’t feel safe transacting and owning digital assets, you can’t freely create, build, and thrive. That’s why we continue to build and innovate here at Webacy.

Measuring Safety

Ultimately, it’s been one of our goals to measure safety. We recently launched our Safety Score integration with Unstoppable Domains, and the enhanced Safety Score exists on our main dashboard whenever you sign in with your wallet. Our suite of services enable users to be safer and act safer in the ecosystem.

This begs the next question: how much safer can you be? Are you becoming safer? Do our tools, and your education around Web3, increase your safety over time? Also, how do we, as a company that helps provide safety tools, encourage and incentivize safer behavior overall in the ecosystem? Just as your insurance premiums can go down with safer driving, shouldn’t there be incentives to be safer on-chain? Our world operates this way, and it feels appropriate to bring these mechanics into Web3.

Motivating Safer Behavior

Our Safety Ranking shows your rank the moment you log into Webacy. As you use our products and transact on-chain (safely), you will begin to see movement. If you are engaged in unsafe projects or transactions, or interact with assets that have been compromised, there may be negative movement on your ranking. In general, it should show progress.

Our Leaderboard is a very direct move to signal to the Web3 world that Public Safety is also important to our ecosystem. Encouraging users to be safer, and enabling users to show their ranking (if they are in the top 100 in our entire ecosystem), builds on the concept of public safety. Users who are not in the top 100 can choose to share their ranking.

Some may ask, how do I change my score or move up in ranking? The answer is simple: be safer. Encourage others to be safer. Encourage the usage of tools to be safe. 

Let’s be safer together.