Webacy’s Safety Leaderboard Season 3: Have a Safe Summer, Frens

Webacy’s Safety Leaderboard Season 3: Have a Safe Summer, Frens

Springtime has arrived, and Season 3 of the Webacy Leaderboard is filled with both Solana AND Arbitrum rewards. Firstly, we're also excited to unveil a collaboration with the Arbitrum Foundation, incorporating their grant program into this season's offerings. In our commitment to enhancing user security, we've expanded the Webacy security suite with new tools designed to shield users from rugged presales, fake meme coins, and scam airdrops. Secondly, we launched our Solana beta two weeks ago, and today, we are finally opening our Solana integration to the public.

Moreover, Arbitrum wallet holders featured on the leaderboard may be rewarded with direct ARB airdrops. While many aspects of this season will remain familiar, we're introducing several exciting updates. Users can now link their X accounts to the Webacy Leaderboard to display their PFPs, and we will continue to showcase their badges from previous seasons next to their points. Additionally, Webacy Pro members can now benefit from a 2.5x Leaderboard Multiplier, further benefiting Pro members. These additions aim to recognize our users' achievements and offer even greater rewards for their engagement.

Arbitrum & Solana Rewards

Webacy has always been about enabling safety for your digital assets and ultimately enabling digital freedom. If you don’t feel safe transacting and owning digital assets, you can’t freely create, build, and thrive. That’s why we continue to build, innovate, and reward here at Webacy. This season, users of Solana and Arbitrum get to earn points and rewards. For those ranked on our leaderboard with Arbitrum Wallets, we're planning a direct Arbitrum token airdrop to reward top users. This step is part of our broader goal to make the Web3 ecosystem safer, rewarding those who prioritize security. 

Solana Updates

Get ready for the ability to scan the risks of the latest Solana memecoins. Webacy’s got you covered; you’ll soon be able to paste in a token and get a safety reading so you know your risk of getting rugged. Plus, you can gauge the SafetyScore™ of your Solana Wallet (yep, we've got all the major wallets covered) and turn on Wallet Watch to get real-time notifications about everything happening in your wallet, safety included. Solana's been tearing up the scene with its memecoin rallies, but let's face it, Solana needs security. In an effort to bring Webacy everywhere, we've teamed up with SolSniffer & Lamas Finance to shield Solana users already through a Safety Score that shows up right in their dashboards, but hold tight—there's more on the horizon.

Stay Safu this Summer

- Webacy