Webacy Wrapped 2023

Webacy Wrapped 2023

What a year! 

We kicked off 2023 with our fundraise announcement. Despite the difficult startup environment following the crypto crash and negative sentiment surrounding crypto, we raised an excellent round backed by some excellent names including Mozilla Ventures, gmjp, Vaynerfund, ex/ante, and others. 

Our consumer-facing platform thrived with the announcement of Webacy 3.0 which included a revamped dapp and UI geared towards DeFi and crypto-actives, while still maintaining a friendly interface for those new to web3. 

Here is some of our growth in numbers:

  • 77% average MOM user increase
  • Over 1.8MM Wallet Watch notifications
  • Over $400MM in assets under protection
  • 65+ committed ambassadors
  • 4.5MM+ Twitter/X impressions

The second half of 2023 is when we launched the concept of continuous security - a real time monitoring and risk mitigation system powered by Webacy Wallet Watch and our powerful Risk Engine, giving every on-chain address and wallet a risk score that changes actively as activity changes. We also released our embedded security APIs, enabling other companies to integrate Webacy technology directly into their applications, wallets, and protocols, to protect their companies and their end-users.

Some select partners already utilizing our Risk Score APIs include Unstoppable Domains and Mintify, with many more coming in 2024. So far, it’s been a big hit.

Among our many product launches included Webacy Revoke - a safe place for users to go to revoke their approvals, INCLUDING a risk assessment on every approval you have - to tell you which approvals are safe and normal and which you should take a second look at. This came in handy during the Ledger Connect Kit supply chain hack as well as the NFT Trader hack that occurred near the end of the year. 

Webacy Ranking and Leaderboard - as the year drew to a close, we acted on a large gap in the space: users should be recognized for safe activity on-chain. So far the top 100 have earned a combined 250,000 points since launch.

The estimated value lost from hacks in 2023 sits around $1.3B. Since 2016, That number has climbed past $7.54B - a stark reminder that security is still overlooked in the blockchain ecosystem. 

We have a lot of work to do as an industry. Webacy is dedicated to making web3 a safer place for everyone, whether by protecting you as an individual, or by being embedded within the apps and protocols that you use every day. 

Stay safe, and we’ll see you in 2024!